Google make Impossible Simple and Simple Impossible

Google make Impossible Simple and Simple Impossible

Google make impossible simple and simple impossible, some say because they are gigantic, some say to big and unwieldy to control and function efficiently, and certainly too big to care about you the individual.

For instance we have several YouTube accounts and as many Google accounts that Goo,. FORCED us to open with every YouTube account opened.
We have had a Google account for many years with all the trimmings AdSense, Partners, YouTube Etc,. But about three years back we lost the YouTube account associated with this AdSense account. and for just as many years we have been trying unsuccessfully to link our other YouTube accounts with the original Google/AdSense account.

On numerous occasions we have spent hours dancing from one Google forum link to another trying to find the answer we need to move on,  always ending up frustrated and bewildered with more questions then answers. Google-Goo we call it, the experience of trying to get a simple question answered from Google.

It seems the only way for us to get over this problem is to close our well establish original account and start all over again, but obviously we really don’t want to shut down years of painstaking work so we continue to use a broken account.

Any one have the same problem with Google-Goo, please comment and let us know.


How big is Google ?

It is extremely difficult to estimate how big Google is. but if you can imagine every page of a web site and all the text articles and web-logs, every picture and video on each and every page of every website in the world. Google has a copy of the lot, not only that but every time a new article is written or post posted picture or video uploaded, Google will keep a copy together with all up-dates old-dates, deleted no longer used web sties and pages. Can you picture that ? No, Impossible but Google can.

If all of the (above) did not give you a clear idea of just how big Google is, here (below) is a list of some top ranked websites that belong to Google. Google

Google YouTube, Blogger, Google India, Google Hong Kong, Google Germany, Google UK, Google Japan, Google France, Google Brazil, Google Italy, Google Spain, Google Russia, Google Canada, Google Indonesia, Google Mexico, Google Turkey, Google Australia,

Now just imagine if you were to associate yourself with this internet giant in just the smallest way, you will for certain be rich beyond your wildest dreams in no time, Yeah Right, In Your Dreams, only if you can live long enough and don’t go insane, working with Google along the treacherous way to your promised fortune. Google make impossible simple and simple impossible.


Google's  Panda StampingGoogle also have some impressive weapons they use to keep us all in check

Panda is just the one Google has let us all know about.

Google's  Panda

And now they have added Penguin.






Google make impossible simple and simple impossible

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