Can you make Money OnLine

Can you make Money OnLine

Can you make Money OnLine

What type of personality can make it On-Line We find the people that do well and those that do not generally fall into just (6) Six very simple distinct personalities.

Can you make Money OnLine

(3) Three “Loser types”  and  (3) Three “Winner types”

Sometimes a mixture of both loser and winner types. Knowing where you fit, “your personality type” will help you to make changes and move forward, the word “Course” means the method or programme you will use to work OnLine, the course of action, (Course).

Can you make Money OnLine – Loser types :-

1st : Loser type : The”Know it all”

This type thinks they know it all, complain a lot about having bad luck and are not open to new ideas, will not ask questions or seek advise and will spend months even years working hard on a flawed Course refusing to see any of the short comings. The minute you start to think you know it all is the minute you loose, this type rarely gets things off the ground.                           This personality type has a very slim chance of making it in the long run and must change to succeed.

2nd : Loser type : The “Butterfly mind ”

This type takes action, does all the right things, gets going is not afraid to work long and hard, but is easily distracted and hops like a butterfly from one opportunity, method or programme to another, trying hard to find better Course ~ perfection, We have seen people stuck for years in this mode. The internet is gigantic, a universe of methods and opportunities, you can spend a life time looking for the perfect Course, that you will never find.
This personality type will lose, has a very destructive bad habit that must be broken.

3rd : Loser type : The “perfectionist”

This type will get hold of every report, eBook and eCourse, studies them in minute detail but rarely acts decisively and never takes a single unassisted step forward, asks lots of irrelevant questions before and after buying a programme, then requires help with every step. In our experience this is also a person that rarely gets things off the ground.
We have seen this time and again, the act of buying these eBooks and eCourses makes one feel you’re accomplishing something, but in reality this is not the case,                                                                                                                                               This personality type will lose, if this is you, you are just wasting your time, you must focus.

With all this negativity we would like to say :  We do not want to upset anyone’s feelings, we tell  the truth as we see it, so that 1stPro can help, if you want help.

Can you make Money OnLine – Winner types :-

1st : Winner type : take’s action follows the course to the end.

This type takes action but unlike the “2nd Looser type” has a good attitude, will not get distracted and follows the chosen course, method or programme to completion staying with the plan without trying to change or improve proven methods.
This personality type has every chance of success, the method or programme chosen may not be the best one available but this type of personality will make it to the end of the course and the Course will work at it’s best.                                                     This is a winner personality type, has every chance of success given the right course.

2nd : Winner type :

This type also has a good attitude with no preconceived notions, asks a few questions and then without delay take’s action, get’s started. What separates them from the rest – in addition to taking timely action, they have focused action.
This personality type again has every chance of success and will adapt a Course without getting side tracked.

3rd : Winner type :

This type has an open mind about learning new things, will already be familiar with web site work, will have a WebLog (Blog) uses Twitter, YouTube and may even have a small web site .
They end up finding their own style, develop their own ideas and find ways of doing things, resourcefulness is the trait that these people have, “they will find a way” they boldly act discovering other profitable avenues.
By just boldly acting without knowing all the fine details or minutely studying things that way go wrong.
” Take action and the how will reveal itself “.
This personality type will easily find success, adapting without going to far off the Course, will try, has focus and action.

Can you make Money OnLine



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