Buy Sell eBay Hell

Buy Sell eBay Hell

Buy Sell eBay Hell

You can find almost everything on eBay, whether you have something specific in mind or you’re just looking around. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Tens of thousands of new items are added every dayeBay logo

  • Browse when you’re not exactly sure what you’re looking for, or when you just want to poke around in a particular category, like Clothing or Home & Garden. To browse, click on a category on the left side of the eBay home page.

  • Search when you’re looking for something in particular. Just enter a few words to describe the item in the Search box, which is at the top right corner of most eBay pages.

Products to Buy or Sell

Selling old 2nd hand stuff on eBay can be annoying largly because you will be drawn in and obliged to answer mind-numbingly stupid questions, for instance, you may have an old cell phone to sell, a fairly typical item, you will post one or two pictures and try to describe the phone as best you can, detailing scuffs and any known deffects ending with, sold as seen for spares with no battery or charger, untested.

Sadly soon after the sale begins you are likely to get questions about the phone,  like this one :-  Hi just wondering does the phone hold a charge ok?  or :- Hi is the phone signal working?  and :- Hello I have the same phone, do you want to buy the battery and charger from me?

It’s so easy to ignore these dumb questions, you want to ignore them and that’s very tempting, but if you do eBay will mark your rating down under poor Communication, in other words you have to spend your time to respond.

Here are just ten (10) from thousands of messages sent to us at 1stPro from eBay members to give you a taste of what dealing on eBay will be like in reality.
1.Dear 1stpro,
dear1stpro, Ok understandabl, well max I would go to is £12.50 and that is in one condition. reply today or i will buy anuther one from sume one else ok? .
2.Dear 1stpro,
hi, sorry to distrub you but i have problem with my pc, i cannot see description of items pages… could you please let me know more about the item..Working properly and is it only the screen or somethings else..?
thanks Have you a nice day. Angelo
3.Dear 1stpro,
hello mate, what area of london are you in for colection sake?? im in catford.
4.Dear 1stpro,
heyi have not seen the phone hasnt been deliveried but u said monday? wen am i to get it
5.Dear 1stpro,
Hi Ok I’ll only pay £6.0 kindly put it on but it now price. Kindly reply back urgently Regards
6.Dear 1stpro,
Hi, just wondering if you have a “buy it no” pris for the shoe? cheers
7.Dear 1stpro,
hello, we still have not recieved the phone? Thankx  Joan
8.Dear 1stpro,
It’s been three weeks and about parcel unknown. And the track number is not identified by Royal Mail,can you make a mistake in writing? Take a look please (if you have that option) is now the parcel. Thanks in advance!, alex.
9.Dear 1stpro,
Hello! Could you please leave me positive feedback about buying this player.Thank you very much!
Best regards Alexander
10.Dear 1stpro,
Hi can i have please now have my positive feedback thank you for now,  Joan 

Full eBay member names have been removed to protect the guilty.

Selling on eBay then as you can see is not for the faint hearted and you also do have to pay careful attention to a number of things that eBay require from their members, a good seller rating is one important element see detailed seller ratings.

This is our rating for the test run we did working on eBay :

Detailed Seller Ratings (last 12 months)

Criteria Average rating Number of rating
Item as described 36
Communication 35
Shipping time 35
Shipping and handling charges 35

You must not fall under

Than feedback

Please note :-

eBay will stop you from trading if too many people complain about you, that’s all well and good for the buyer – keeps them safe but please note! you only need a handful of unhappy buyers or malitious buyers to destroy all your good P/Relations work and possibly stop you from trading altogether.
Sadly you will always get the odd sad individual who will pleasure themselves by hurting you, and eBay it seems will always take the side of the buyer and penalise you the seller.
One of eBay’s favorite seller penalty they like to regularly dish out if a buyer is unhappy, and complains bought His or Her purchase, is to refund all the money back to the buyer including all postage and packing costs, and then eBay will leave it up to the buyer to send you back the item they complained about, so you loose the lot your time and effort photographing the item describing and posting it for sale, your diligence answering all the stupid questions about the item, your time packing the item and taking to the post office, queue up, pay for the post, packing, all the costs involved – you loose the lot including the item, because the buyer already has the money back returned to them by eBay, meaning there is no reason for them to ever send your unpaid item back to you, so guess what, you may not never get your item back.
All a buyer has to do on eBay to get a full refund and keep the item it seems, is to simply complain and say : item was not as described  or say :  item was not working properly.  

Buy Sell eBay Hell

Buy Sell eBay Hell

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