Before you get Started

Before you get Started

Before you get Started

 Before you get Started : Make a Plan to Keep Yourself Fit.

By dpo : So you have decided to try and make some money on-line,
well that in its self is a relatively easy thing to do, all you need is a computer and an internet connection, nowadays you don’t have to own either, pop along to your local internet cafe and for a few quid you will have a computer on line ready to go, and once on line there are a number of extremely simple ways to make money, that is pocket money, making a living wage enough for you to stop the day job pay the bills and have fun, that’s completely different and not easy to do.
Do not be fooled by all the internet Gurus out there trying to sell you money making programmes, because most of them don’t work as well as the claims and you will not discover their failings for months struggling to make them work, or if they do work you won’t yet have the skill to make them work properly.

Before you get Started and before we start to discuss the pros and cons of the many different ways to earn on line,
The one simple thing you must do, that most won’t tell you, before you get started on your new life of spending day after day on a computer, You Will Have To Plan A Way To Keep Fit,  YES YOU WILL !

fat man at a computer

Un-fit fat man sat at a computer

Don’t think you can skip this bit especially if you have or have had a manual job, say plumbing, electrical work or any type of building and decorating work, that type of work keeps you fit,  Stop That Work and it will be essential to keep fit in some other way,

Now please don’t leave us at this point. You will have to plan to keep fit so you may as well face it, If you don’t your health will suffer in a matter of weeks not years. Sit still for a week or so at a desk and your muscle tone will immediately drop under par, do that for months on end and you will soon suffer ill health.

It’s absolutely essential that you make a plan to keep your self fit by actively setting out a plan of various things to do for each and every day of the week with at least one, “Do-As-You-Like-Day” as I call it, that is a day spent completely away from the computer. You can spend that day with a note pad if you must planning what to do the next day on the computer or planning your fitness programme, but what ever you do, don’t touch the computer for the whole day, you will work much more effectively the next day after a days break.

Exercise and a programme to Keep yourself physically fit is just the beginning if your going spend your working day sitting down in front of a computer screen, you will have to Keep yourself mentally fit as well and with this in mind, good food is more then absolutely essential. “you are what you eat”. So you also need to Keep yourself food fit



Before you get Started Take a good look at this documentary series notorious for its obscene and hilarious methods of engaging CEO’s, consumer’s and audiences alike,  investigating the growing obesity problem with a twist; maybe it’s not your fault that you’re piling on the pounds. Keep yourself food fit

 Mischief : Presented by Rebecca Wilcox. 

Mischief; WHO made me fat? (part 1)

Mischief; WHO made me fat? (part 2)

Mischief; WHO made me fat? (part 3)

Mischief; WHO made me fat? (part 4)

Mischief; WHO made me fat? (part 5)

Before you get Started

So you see you are what you eat.



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  1. Posted January 15, 2012 at 3:14 pm | Permalink

    Excellent information, don’t exercise ~ big mistake, I have bookmarked, be fit keep fit then make an on-line income, good stuf, Thanks for that! – Devin

  2. Posted October 17, 2011 at 2:14 pm | Permalink

    I rekon you are quite dead on with that, keep fit, a must, it’s all to easy to not bother.

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