About 1stPro

About 1stPro

About 1stPro – This site is dedicated to and is all about how to Make Money On-Line the Simple way, Not Just pocket money, Make a full time living, “Pay the Bills” and have fun working “OnLine”Man at a computer throwing money in the air.

We don’t want to be paraphrasing others but sadly much of what we teach is, well common knowledge, it’s not new or revolutionary, this is all simple stuff that anyone making a living online already knows, what we are trying to do is explain the process in simple terms without the technical jargon and sometimes annoying, condescendingly, irritating buzz word phrases used by most of these so called help sites. So please excuse us if we sometimes sound a bit basic and ill informed, this is because we want to be informative actively trying to be communicative with simple basic English, we will therefore, often sound that way. 1stPro has no intention of just showing off knowledge of Tech speak to belittle you to make ourselves feel great, this is not what we do here. 1stPro will not assume it’s readers know the 1st thing about internet marketing or related on-line working methods.

By the way just so that you know, only a FEW of these so called Guru’s actually make much money doing the methods they teach, MOST make the big money selling Make Money On-Line  products. 1stPro will be reviewing many product methods and promoting some of the FEW that actually work, and trust us only a few actually work with any degree of effectiveness, 

Dedicated as we are to making money on-line, we look at different ways to do so with easy-to-follow lessons and tips that teach you how to make money the simple way online, without all of that bewildering Tech talk and jargon laced buzzwords.

Can you make Money OnLine.What type of personality can make it On-Line.

The simplest way is to just start a Blog a (Web Log),  Nowadays that’s very easy.

Keep your Eye on the Ball, Don’t loose focus,  Focus is the key.

Do not get stressed, Stress will cause serious illness.

Keep fit, Stay fit,  an Apple a day,  a Walk around the block.

Before you get Started

About 1stPro


Make Money On-Line the Simple way,

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