Must Have Quality Content

Must Have Quality Content

Must Have Quality Content content is King always has been really.

Today more so than ever before you Must Have Quality Content, It’s simply no longer any use scraping old out of date material from other web sites and plonking it on your site pretending the stuff your’s, because although you may fool some of your readers you won’t fool Google.

Feed the Google Penguin

Feed the Google Penguin with fresh
quality content!

Google is spending millions trying to improve the user experience and the practise of cutting other peoples material and pasting on to your site stands out to Google like a flashing blue light on a dark night, so be warned, Google will stamp on you.

This is a cut and past article here in red, It’s on topic but we just copied and pasted from here :  and they in turn may have copied it from here :

It’s hard to tell who the original author was, but here in red below is straight forward unadulterated copying from to illustrate our point.

Plagiarism is the use of material appropriated from aother source or from other sources with the intention of passing it off as one’s own work. Plagiarism may take the form of unacknowledged quotation or substantial paraphrase. Sources of material include all printed and electronically available publications in English or other languages, or unpublished materials, including theses, ritten by others.

Here  in green below is an example of the same article spun by us with corrected spelling to look as if it were original from us :

Plagiarism is material appropriated from anther source, copied and past off as original work. Plagiarism will take many forms, quotation, paraphrase or parts of stories, any sources of material including printed and electronically available publications in any languages and or unpublished materials written by others.

One last example below is part of one of our own articles spun for us to use, we print only parts of the article fearful of the Google Penguin  :

Original 1stPro article :-

People today it seems are getting fatter and fatter, We see this every day at the local etc,. – can hardly walk pushing trolley’s and it is the girls, women who seem to be the fattest or maybe It’s because most of the men are now to fat to get out and go shopping with the women. I was born in the 1940s and remember the 1950s well enough and obesity, (being fat) was never really noticed at least by me it wasn’t, there was a fat man at the end of our road but he was ill and did not get out very much, although I do remember he did shuffle, etc,. – boxes and other so called consumables spilling out onto the ground. In the 1950s you did not throw away a thing, anything remotely useful not wanted you’d give away to a friend or neighbour. Nowadays it you gave a second hand 18 carat gold ring to someone they would feel insulted, etc,. – eBay or the charity shops, unheard of in the 1950s.

Spun 1stPro article :-

It seems people today are getting fatter, you can see this every day in the local super market. Obese over weight individuals pushing trolley’s filled up with processed junk food. Anyone born in the 1940s will remember the 1950s and being fat/obese was never really an issue, unless you were ill.
Anyone remember dust bins?, etc,. – painted black or galvanised. In-side your 1950s dust bin would be very different too, you might see dust bags from house cleaning or dust and ash from the fire neatly wrapped in newspaper, you were unlikely to find anything useful in a dust bin (that’s why we called them dust-bins). Nowadays you have three bins all made out of plastic (wheelie bins), etc,. – Black for I forget what, overflowing with consumable packaging and processed food bags. In the 1950s you did not have consumable to throw away, anything useful not wanted etc,. – second hand item they would feel insulted, today, a not wanted item, in the bin with it, unheard of in the 1950s.


No matter how good you think you are, if you copy the work of others, Google Penguin will pick up on it, others will also see you as an article copy spinner and treat you accordingly.

Must Have Quality Content

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