Free Commissions Scam Review

Free Commissions Scam Review

Free Commissions Scam Review
This is just so advanced that we don’t clearly understand the follow method ourselves, and take the view inexperienced souls would be lost in minuets, faced with a bewildering, whelming wealth of knowledge that has no clear guidance or plain English explanations, and seems to depend on the user already understanding the buzz words and methodology.
This is one of those programmes that we think the novice should avoid, unlike the simple to follow  Matt & Mark’s “Video Commission Formula
Well here it is we are on the inside of Free Commissions just to show you we went there.
We have removed all of the links here to protect the innocent.
There are already a great many reviews about Free Commissions on Web-Sites and YouTube but most of then are very economical with the truth, and notice they are all promoting Free Commissions.
Some even shout “ Free Commissions Scam DON’T BUY” then if you follow their link and arrive at a web-site or you-tube video you will only hear about how good Free Commissions is according them, then, “them” will encourage you to buy it,  just don’t it.
At every stage upgrades are pushed at you in the most infuriating manner.

It’s all So staged, So hammy, So emotive you can’t stop watching just to see how bad it gets, and from bad to worse it gets, in the end it does go ballistically bad. If anyone pays money and buys into this after watching this series of Harold Pinter type videos they may need testing, but of course we all know many will.
We paid for it order to check it out for some of you budding internet entrepreneurs.
More promotions, more up-sells yet more distractions :

We tested one link “INSTANT CASH EMPIRE” and found :-

ClickBank LogoThis site is no longer in service or has been disabled due to a terms of service violation. It as been shut down for a Violation of terms, what terms one ponders?.

If you have time on your hands. Just keep clicking your page back go away or “Leave Page” button and have a good laugh at the hilarious attempts to get you to buy as with every go away “Leave Page” click, the buy-in price keeps on tumbling, until eventually you will end up on the last page, and only then at great length you will be able get this infuriating get rich quick thing for free, if you really want it. We paid $29.00 because we are stupid but not that stupid because we didn’t pay $297.00 or $197.00 or even $97.00 n0t even the $49.00 offer. We had no idea it would eventually drop down to free, believe it or not we were taken in by the sales pitch : “this is your very last chance” so we prematurely paid $29.oo to try it out.

This tactic is designed specifically to suck money out of the inexperienced pockets and why we say novices should avoid it.

We haven’t yet figured out a way to stop this annoying guy from popping up again and again with more idiotic offers, there is some sort of screen loop or capture loop cookie operating and you can’t break free, eventually we had to shut the browser down and clear the cash to get rid of this character, novice’s keep away.
We went on a bit further all the way to step 3, then following another stupidly long condescending, introduction video did we find, yes you guest it, what a surprise, more up-sells, this time you were expected to signup and buy a wed-site from Hostzilla. We suggested a name we might use : and got approval for the name, it’s a good name for this niche but we don’t have time to do it justice, maybe one of you can, is is available at the moment.

Domain Registration – – 1 Year/Instant Account Activation: FREE!

Unlimited Bandwidth:

Absolute Domain Privacy:

We didn’t buy,  we decided that now was the time to draw a line and to stop spending any more money.
Oh and one more thing, we forgot to mention there is a flash count down clock here that says : “Time Remaining to Claim This Offer” when we looked last it read : 20mins 22secs 32msit when we looked again 4 hours later the clock read : 10mins 18secs 42msit it had reset itself to give us just a little more time to decide, how thoughtful, you’re not of course running out of time to consider your options, the clock is set to continuously loop.  It’s just another trick to harry you into thoughtless action.
Colnclusion :
Dear Free Commissions
May I have a refund please. this is not as described, not fit for purpose.
Dpo 1stPro

(We will let you know if we ever get our $29.00 back)

Well we did ask for our money back but so far to date 4April2013,  NO MONEY BACK FROM THEM!

Free Commissions Scam Review

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