Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links
Affiliate links , what is a link and what are Affiliate links ?
Simply put these are links in the text articles you can click and go to another web page or site, an affiliate link can be a web site URL  http://www, or hyperlink that links to a company that will pay you a commission if you promote their products.

An affiliate link also knohyperlink is HTML code given to affiliate program members to display on webpages and is used to track referrals in order to pay commission to the referrer, that’s you.

Affiliate Links

This is a hyperlink link to :  ClickBank  for a the Domain Flipping product by the :  The Millionaire Society

the ” The Millionaire Society ” is the hyperlink link to a product at  ClickBank.

To promote one of their products 1stPro has this affiliate hyperlink link : ” Domain Flipping By The Millionaire Society

we have to add this code to our web page :

<a href=”” target=”_top”>Click Here!</a>

for good SEO purposes we will change the words ” Click Here! ” in the HTML link for the words ” The Millionaire Society

<a href=”” target=”_top”>The Millionaire Society</a>

or you can sinply use the URL link ClickBank will give you :

Domain Flipping is simply the buying and Selling of domain names, known as “flipping domains” or “domain flipping”. You can just simply domain name flip, that is, buy a domain name age it and then sell it, or you can build a website for the domain then sell including a working web site.

Here (below) an example of a very simple HTML link, linking the web site with the word Kim Yu-Na

<a href=”“>Kim Yu-Na</a>

This is the resulting link : –   Kim Yu-Na

Here (below) are a number of links different colours and sizes but all made up in the same way as detailed (above).

1stPro Make Money OnLine Simple


The links at the footer of this page are links made up in exactly the same way simple ie : HTML text .

(  are proud to be hosted by : domain name acquired from :

(Copyright ©  All rights reserved)

A picture an be made into a link, this picture (below) is an affiliate link to the World Land Trust.


World Land Trust buying land to save land.

Affiliate Links


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    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your site and have to say I appreciate the simple way to describe things, I have enjoyed browsing, thank you please Keep it simple.

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    Wow this site is the one to follow, I did not know how to link now thanks to you 1stPro the PRO, I can now do it SIMPLE! Thank you, (I have you booked).

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